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 How to make an Offensive Construct, Demens Style

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How to make an Offensive Construct, Demens Style Empty
PostSubject: How to make an Offensive Construct, Demens Style   How to make an Offensive Construct, Demens Style I_icon_minitimeSat May 24, 2008 5:29 am

Ok, Well, I have an army (120000) of sentient constructs. And I'm assuming that some people will be interested in how make them. So I am going to explain how I make them starting with the shielding, then their energetic body, then their programming.

The Shield, Your Constructs Best Friend

The shield I put on my constructs is a more primitive version of my own. I generally update mine all the time, but this is similar to what mine was like a couple months ago...

First I have to explain some of the terminology I'm about to use since it is likely not everyone here will know them.

Conceptualization: Programming purely through concepts or single thoughts that mean to you many things at once. By using one thought that is the culmination of all you want the programming(or a specific piece of programming) to be, you can program more effectively.

Skin shield: A shield that perfectly mimics your contour. It is not a bubble it perfectly fits your body.

Organnelle programming: Programming in a way that mimics the organnelles of the human cell. This means one construct will contain many smaller constructs each with its own specific purpose. Thus allowing me to make individual constructs that are often more efficient. This also means I can change one function of the program at a time by only changing one inner construct at a time. There is a good picture of organnelles here. ://

Okay now that that's over, I'll actually explain what I do.

First I make a regular woven skin shield. I do this by making many strands of psi, each shielded, and merge them all together into one skin shield. Then I create the equivelent of a semipermeable membrane. When the shields energy is lower than what is normaly for it, it will soak up energy from outside. Woven shields are generally much struger.

Think of it as a sponge full of water, sitting in a large puddle it can't entirely soak up. When I punch it (psiblast) some of the water (energy) escapes invaribly. (even with the most efficient shields this happens to an extent) The harder the punch(psiblast) the more energy is used up protecting me. So anyways, once the water (energy) leaves the sponge(my shield), it will imediately soak up more water(energy) untill it is full again.

The body does something very similar to this to maintain the proper balance of minerals in each cell. It is not exactly the same as I changed it to be most effective for shielding.

Now, I have also programmed my shield to constantly increase the amount of energy it can hold by gathering more energy and becoming denser, to prevent my shields sticking out hundreds of feet. So the longer I have my shields up, even if I do nothing to them, the more powerfull they become.

Next, I make another two exact copies of the first shield, and overlay them ontop of each other. I make the outer one reflect attacks like a mirrorshield. The inner one I make into a marshmallow shield that slows down attacks and absorbs the energy from from any attacks that make it through the mirror shield. It then uses that energy to repair all three shields. I leave the third one the same. I like to have at least one "normal" brick shield up due to their utility.

Now here's the tricky part. The real programming, this shield needs to be as close to hack proof as you can get. Having this shield turn on you would be very annoying as it would be difficult to destroy... So I have it programmed to do the following things in addition:

1. Break any links anything makes to it, even if it has your sig. (sigs can be faked or cloaked)
2. Drain an amount of energy from an attacker (including constructs) equal to the amount of energy in the attack and use it to repair any damage.
3. Store the sig of any attacks in another construct within the shield.

So thats about all there is to the shield. I have never met anyone, in person, able to create it. I assume it takes much more energy than most people can handle.

Basic Design of the Energetic Body

Depaternizing Energy: This is energy that changes any other energy touching it into it. This energy is easily programmed, and easily converted to other energies. This is the state I store energy in my constructs as it can easily be converted to any other energy for varied uses.

Now, I will explain how I normally create their energetic bodies. I use generally humanoid shapes but then I fill them with all sorts of sub constructs.

First I make the shape of the construct, like I said normally humanoid. Make the energy fairly uniform and as dense as you can. Make a subconstruct in the head, this will later have the AI programming(discussed in the next section), senses, and the info storage.

Next make a fairly large subconstruct in the torso, this is going to be the energy storage and depaternization center. Make sure this one is shielded well. You don't need to go overboard but it does have to contain large quantities of energy. Program it to pump the energy through the energetic veins (next paragraph) to wherever there is damage and use it to repair the damage, shields included

Then make energetic veins, shielded tubes, going from each area of the construct to another. Make sure all the veins are attached to the storage subconstruct in the torso. Program the veins to draw any foreign energy into them and pump it into the storage subconstruct which thusly depaternizes it. This makes any virus construct highly ineffective against my warrior constructs. This also means that general psiblasts that breach the shields actually repair the construct.

Then I put in the wrists amplification constructs. Any energy moved through them is converted to depaternizing energy and programmed to attract energy not a part of the construct to it. So it draws any other energy towards it and then depaternizes it drawing more to it. Creating a sort of implosion that imediately explodes drawing everything closer and making the explosion larger. however it does not effect your constructs, so no need to contain it. It hands are thusly used as weapons to destroy other things, especially in the astral.

Next is the information storage. Make that into an easily manipulated energy and shield it. Make sure to have energy veins going from it to the sensory construct (below paragraph) and program any sensed information into the energy. Sort of like how a stamp would live an identation in clay, it will forever be there. But instead the information is imbeded onto the energy. An amazingly large amount of energy can be stored in a surpriseingly small amount of energy. However, density is of supreme importance as this ensures that the memory will last. Next program it to allow only you access to it's memories.

Now go to the subconstruct in the head for senses. Program that to scan the area around it continuosly and send all the information constantly to the information storage center. Make sure it scans energetically to obtain visual and signature information as well. This way you and it can trace down anything that it fights or sees.

There is the basics of it's energetic body. Because it is able to change it's programming, this is not exactly how it is but the general programming. It is considerably more complex. However, you don't need to worry about that as it will do it itself.

*Under Construction, will be updated later.*
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How to make an Offensive Construct, Demens Style
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